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Atg7 activates an autophagy-essential ubiquitin-like protein Atg8 through multi-step recognition. M. Yamaguchi, K. Satoo, H. Suzuki, Y. Fujioka, Y. Ohsumi, F. Inagaki and N. N. Noda,
J. Mol. Biol. 2017 in press
Biophysical characterization of Atg11, a scaffold protein essential for selective autophagy in yeast. H. Suzuki, H and N. N. Noda FEBS Open Bio. 2017 in press
Autophagy-regulating protease Atg4: structure, function, regulation and inhibition. T. Maruyama and N. N. Noda J. Antibiot. 2017 in press
Quaternary β2,2 -amino acids: Catalytic asymmetric synthesis and incorporation into peptides via Fmoc-SPPS. J.-S. Yu, H. Noda and M. Shibasaki
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017 Accepted
Catalytic enantioselective addition of diethyl phosphite to N-thiophosphinoyl ketimines: preparation of (R)-diethyl(1-amino-1-phenylethyl)phosphonate. S. Lin, Y. Otsuka, L. Yin, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki
Org. Synth. 2017 94 313-331
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Bis(2-pyridyl)amides as readily cleavable amides under catalytic, neutral, and room-temperature conditions.
S. Adachi, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Synlett 2017 in press doi: 10.1055/s-0036-1590932
Structural and computational investigation of intramolecular N−H interactions in α- and β-fluorinated 7-azaindoline amides.
L. Brewitz, H. Noda, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2017 Accepted doi: 10.1002/ejoc.201701083
Synthetic studies of viridiofungins, broad-spectrum antifungal agents and serine palmitoyl transferase inhibitors. N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki J Antibiot. 2017 Accepted doi: 10.1038/ja.2017.110
Trans-selective γ-arylation of macrocyclic N-picolinoylcycloalkylamines through palladium-catalyzed methylene sp3 carbon-hydrogen bond activation. A. Seki Tetrahedron Lett. 2017 58 4232-4235
Synthesis of caprazamycins and related natural products. T. Watanabe Heterocycles 2017 95 662-693
ATP Depletion Assay Led to the Isolation of New 36-Membered Polyol Macrolides Deplelides A and B from Streptomyces sp. MM581-NF15.
T. Takeuchi, M. Hatano, M. Umekita, C. Hayashi, S. Wada, M. Nagayoshi, R. Sawa, Y. Kubota, M. Kawada, M. Igarashi and M. Shibasaki

Org. Lett.
2017 19 4207-4210
In vivo efficacy of β-lactam/tripropeptin C in a mouse septicemia model and the mechanism of reverse β-lactam resistance in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus mediated by tripropeptin C. H. Hashizume1, Y. Takahashi, T. Masuda, S. Ohba, T. Ohishi, M. Kawada and M. Igarashi J Antibiot. 2017 Accepted doi: 10.1038/ja.2017.88
Fradiamine A, a new siderophore from the deep-sea actinomycete Streptomyces fradiae MM456M-mF7. Y. Takehana, M. Umekita, M. Hatano, C. Kato, R. Sawa, and M. Igarashi
J Antibiot. 2017 70 611-615
Structures and biological activities of novel 4’-acetylated analogs of chrysomycins A and B. S. Wada, R. Sawa, F. Iwanami, M. Nagayoshi, Y. Kubota, K. Iijima, C. Hayashi, Y. Shibuya, M. Hatano, M. Igarashi and M. Kawada J Antibiot. 2017 70 1078-1082
Catalytic asymmetric total synthesis and stereochemical revision of leucinostatin A, a modulator of tumor-stroma interaction. H. Abe, H. Ouchi, C. Sakashita, M. Kawada, T. Watanabe and M. Shibasaki Chem. Eur. J. 2017 23 11792-11796
Direct catalytic asymmetric aldol addition an α-CF3 amide to arylglyoxal hydrates. A. Matsuzawa, H. Noda, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki J. Org. Chem. 2017 82 8304-8308
Photocatalytic α-acylation of ethers. Z. Sun, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Org. Lett. 2017 19 3727-3730
Antipodocalyxin antibody chPcMab-47 exerts antitumor activity in mouse xenograft models of colorectal adenocarcinomas. MK. Kaneko, A. Kunita, S. Yamada, T. Nakamura, M. Yanaka, N. Saidoh, YW. Chang, S. Handa, S. Ogasawara, T. Ohishi, S. Abe, S. Itai, H. Harada, M. Kawada, Y. Nishioka, M. Fukayama and Y. Kato
Monoclon Antib Immunodiagn Immunother. 2017 36 157-162
α,β-Unsaturated amides as dipolarophiles: catalytic asymmetric exo-selective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition with nitrones. M. Zhang, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Chem. Eur. J. 2017 23 12450-12455
Direct N-acylation of sulfoximines with carboxylic acids catalyzed by the B3NO2 heterocycle. H. Noda, Y. Asada, M. Shibasaki and N. Kumagai Chem. Comm. 2017 53 7447-7450
α-Halo amides as competent latent enolates: direct catalytic asymmetric Mannich-type reaction. B. Sun, P. Balaji, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017 139 8295-8301
五十嵐 雅之、高橋 良昭 Obe-lisk 2017 22 7-12
Leptolyngbyolides, cytotoxic macrolides from the marine cyanobacterium leptolyngbya sp.:isolation, biological activity, and catalytic asymmetric total synthesis.

J. Cui, M. Morita, O. Ohno, T. Kimura, T. Teruya, T. Watanabe, K. Suenaga and M. Shibasaki Chem. Eur. J
2017 23 8500-8509
Cu/Pd Synergistic dual catalysis: asymmetric α-allylation of α-CF3 amide. A. Saito, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017 56 5551-5555
Efficient genome replication of hepatitis B virus using adenovirus vector: a compact pregenomic RNA-expression unit. M. Suzuki, S. Kondo, M. Yamasaki, N. Matsuda, A. Nomoto, T. Suzuki, I. Saito and Y. Kanegae Sci. Rep. 2017 7:41851 doi: 10.1038/srep41851
Tyropeptins, proteasome inhibitors produced by Kitasatospora sp. MK993-dF2. I. Momose and T. Watanabe
J Antibiot. 2017 70 542-550
Acremopeptin, a new peptaibol from Acremonium sp. PF1450. M. Iijima, M. Amemiya, R. Sawa, Y. Kubota, T. Kunisada, I. Momose, M. Kawada and M. Shibasaki
J Antibiot. 2017 70 791-794
Structure and antibacterial activities of new cyclic peptide antibiotics, pargamicins B, C and D, from Amycolatopsis sp. ML1-hF4
H. Hashizume, R. Sawa, K. Yamashita, Y. Nishimura and M. Igarashi.
J Antibiot. 2017 70 699-704
Generation of a Genetically Stable High-Fidelity Influenza Vaccine Strain.

T. Naito, K. Mori, H. Ushirogawa, N. Takizawa, E. Nobusawa, T. Odagiri, M. Tashiro, R. L. Ohniwa, K. Nagata, and M. Saito J Virol. 2017 91 e01073-16
Vibrio japonicus sp. nov.,a novel member of the Nereis clade in the genus Vibrio isolated from the coast of Japan. H. Doi, I. Osawa, H. Adachi and M. Kawada
2017 12 e0172164
Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of CF3-substituted tertiary propargylic alcohols via direct aldol reaction of α-N3 amide. H. Noda, F. Amemiya, K. Weidner, N. Kumagai, and M. Shibasaki Chem. Sci. 2017 8 3260-3269
Tankyrase-binding protein TNKS1BP1 regulates actin cytoskeleton rearrangement and cancer cell invasion. T. Ohishi, H. Yoshida, M. Katori, T. Migita, Y. Muramatsu, M. Miyake, Y. Ishikawa, A. Saiura, SI. Iemura, T. Natsume and H. Seimiya Cancer Res. 2017 77 2328-2338
Uique physicochemical and catalytic properties dictated by the B3NO2 ring system.
H. Noda, M. Furutachi, Y. Asada, M. Shibasaki and N. Kumagai Nat. Chem. 2017 9 571-577
Asymmetric flow catalysis: mix-and-go solid-phase Nd/Na catalyst for expeditious enantioselective access to a key intermediate of AZD7594 A. Nonoyama, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Tetrahedron 2017 73 1517-1521
Reversible stereoselective folding/unfolding fueled by the interplay of photoisomerism and hydrogen bonding. C. R. Opie, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017 56 3349-3353
Direct catalytic asymmetric aldol reaction of α-alkylamides. Z. Liu, T. Takeuchi, R. Pluta, F. Arteaga, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki. Org. Lett. 2017 19 710-713
A novel monoclonal antibody targeting coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor inhibits tumor growth in vivo M. Kawada, H. Inoue, M. Kajikawa, M. Sugiura, S. Sakamoto, S. Urano, C. Karasawa, I. Usami, M. Futakuchi and T. Masuda Sci. Rep. 2017 7:40400 doi: 10.1038/srep40400
Structural biology of the Cvt pathway. A. Yamasaki and N. N. Noda
J. Mol. Biol. 2017 429 531-542
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition promotes SOX2 and NANOG expression in bladder cancer. T. Migita, A. Ueda, T. Ohishi, M. Hatano, H. Seimiya, S. Horiguchi, F. Koga and F. Shibasaki Laboratory Investigation 2017 in press
Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of 2,3,3,3,-tetrafluoro-2-methyl-1-arylpropan-1-amines as useful building blocks for SAR-studies. L. Brewitz, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki J. Fluor. Chem. 2017 194 1-7
Strategic immobilization of molecular catalysts onto carbon nanotubes via noncovalent interaction for catalytic organic transformations. N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki. Isr. J. Chem. 2017 57 270-278
Pyramidalization/twisting of the amide functionality via remote steric congestion triggered by metal coordination. S. Adachi, N. Kumagai and M. Shibasaki Chem. Sci. 2017 8 85-90
Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of the C1-C15 segment of spirastrellolide A. Y. Sahara, J. Cui, M. Furutachi, J. Chen, T. Watanabe and M. Shibasaki Synthesis 2017 49 69-75