Message from the Director

From April 2022, I have been appointed as the director of the Institute as a successor to Dr. Masakatsu Shibasaki. We hope to find new bioactive substances from our laboratory's library of naturally occurring compounds containing middle-sized molecules or from the extracts of new species of Actinomycetes, caterpillar fungus, mold etc., using established know-how of the analytical methods and organic chemistry of the institute. We also hope to use these compounds as tools to clarify mechanisms of living systems.

Regarding drug discovery seeds, we plan to actively tackle unmet medical needs that exist in an aging society, such as metabolic diseases, vascular diseases, and muscular diseases, in addition to the conventional fields of anticancer and antimicrobial agents. In cooperation with Chairman Shibasaki and Institute members, I would like to further promote joint research with universities, public research institutes, and industries.

Although unfamiliar natural product science is a challenge for me, I keep in heart the proverb “When you drink the water, don’t forget it’s source”* and remember and thank the late Professor Hamao Umezawa and many other seniors for their great contributions. Your cooperation and guidance are highly appreciated.

Takao Shimizu
Institute of Microbial Chemistry