Chemistry DivisionLaboratory of Molecular Structure Analysis

Research Outline

At the Laboratory of Molecular Structure Analysis, we use analytical apparatus such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry (MS), and X-ray crystal structure analysis for the structural analysis of a wide range of biologically active substances found in assay systems, in addition to derivatives of these substances and synthetic compounds.



    Laboratory Head Ryuichi Sawa

Number of Members 7


  1. Metabolome analysis of microbial secondary metabolites
  2. BIKAKEN products-repositioning and reproducing

Theme outlines

1. Metabolome analysis of microbial secondary metabolites

Microbial secondary metabolites have diverse chemical structures and biological activities. The discovery of new bioactive substances has become very difficult because of the numerous types of materials that have been found by intensive screening over a long period of time. We have carried out a small scale dereplication system and an effective search of new bioactive substance has been conducted by the targeted and/or non-targeted screening analysis using high resolution and high accuracy LC-MS apparatus.

List of Equipment

2. BIKAKEN products-repositioning and reproducing

We investigate new utilities of BIKAKEN products by new approaches and evaluation. In the current study, we reevaluate new abilities of BIKAKEN products by an index of anti-protozoan activity. We also identify the protozoan targets for the development of the infectious disease-treatment and prevention by using MS analysis and microscope observation.

Observation of intracellular organelles in a protozoa by IFA
(Green, COPI-delta/ purple, GRIP/ blue, DAPI)